My fee structure is simple, with three options available for your wedding. No matter what package you choose though, I’m available for as many consultations as you’d like, and I’m contactable at all hours to answer any of your questions.

Classic: $1000. This is your full-service ceremony package. Everything is included from your initial paperwork, to the rehearsal, to the writing and performance of a fully personalised wedding ceremony. You don’t need to worry about anything - it’s all covered.

Legals-only: $500. This is a fabulous option if you’d like a friend or family member to perform your ceremony for you. I fulfil all the legal obligations for your wedding, for example completing all paperwork and witnessing the ceremony, but I also give your celebrant stand-in all the help they need to write and perform the ceremony (like providing questionnaires, example ceremonies, and audio equipment). This is one of my favourite options, as it means your ceremony can be performed by someone who’s really special to you.

Elopement: $600. If you’re looking for an intimate, low-key elopement ceremony, this is the one for you. This option is still romantic and very special, but is just a little more relaxed - the ceremony is templated, and there is a 20-guest maximum.

Please contact me if you’d like any more information on either of these options. I have experience with all three, so it really just depends on what fits your day best!